Note: All Cross Bikes with the Saddle Bag Rail will need to order the RPW USA Saddle Bag Rail Bracket Kit (RPW USA V-211SBB)

Buy Broadway Cross Muffler in USA

Looking to make an impression wherever you go? The Victory Broadway Muffler would do that for you. These bad boys are designed to make an impression wherever they go, and the impression they do make with their loud noise would be hard for one to ignore. The Victory Broadway Muffler will turn every head on the streets, on the expressway, everywhere. But it is not just the sound that does all the work. The attractive design of the Victory Broadway Muffler not only amplifies the sound from the exhaust but also transforms your ride to look more appealing. A perfect accessory for the manliest of men.

Our Victory Broadway Muffler Set includes the muffler, hardware, baffles, and mounting instructions for folks who want to accessorize their bikes. We also have instructional videos that you watch for the same purpose.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order for the Victory Broadway Muffler from RPW USA at affordable prices today! For us at RPW USA, there is nothing more crucial than our customer’s satisfaction. And with our Victory Broadway Muffler, you are guaranteed to be delighted. After all, customers and their needs come first for us.