Available in Black Ceramic (ONLY)
Be a leader of the pack and bolt on the RPW USA Jack pipe.  The RPW USA Jack pipe is built for the Indian scout rider that longs for that sense of independence and adventure.  No OEM passage pegs allowed.   The RPW USA JACK pipe delivers aggressive sound, leaping power, and awakening performance.
Your eyes will glide over this 2 into 1 exhaust meticulously designed for your Indian Scout. The header is crafted using 2” tubing, transitions to a 2½” collector becoming a 3 ½” curved muffler body.
The JACK package is complete with 02 sensor ports, all the necessary mounting hardware and a T-6 billet aluminum end cap.F Flawlessly finished in black ceramic.
For turning we recommend an Adjustable Fuel Controller.





Do you have what it takes to be a leader of your squad? If yes, then Indian Scout Passenger Jack Pipe is precisely what you need to make your mark in the broader world. This bike accessory is designed for folks with a sense of adventure in the blood. Are you someone who likes the feel of independence you get while riding your bike? The freedom from the worries of life is something one has to experience to understand its intoxicating nature. And with the RPW USA Jack pipe, you can easily add to your experience by manifold.

It is one of those items for your bike that got to have in your possession. And with it being an easy-to-install, you simply cannot make a better choice than this product. The ceramic black color of the body would go well with your bike and give a distinct look that one would be hard-pressed for one to take their eyes away from. What more could one ask for? Place your Indian Scout Passenger Jack Pipe order today and have it delivered to your doorsteps promptly – it is our guarantee. Now, reach out to us for premium quality jack pipe and place your order.