Black Ceramic Muffler and Black Ceramic Heat Shields

The RPW USA SHOCK DESERVES SOME APPLAUSE. A triumph of minimalism, the RPW USA SHOCK uses less to get you more. Created in collaboration with motorcycle performance guru, Lloyd Greer of Lloydz Motorworkz, the RPW USA SHOCK delivers awesome sound and performance. Bolt the SHOCK onto your bike and roll back on the throttle – Your brain might just need a second to catch up!
The Lloydz Motorworkz header design is crafted and tested to bring a flurry of power to the road. Sculpted and fitted to compliment your bikes lines, this header flows into a power enhancing collector increasing playfulness with determination distributing a mighty flow of air in thru the muscular adjustable turn muffler.
This set is complete with chrome heat shields, black ceramic header pipes, a chrome muffler, a baffle, 02 sensor ports, and mounting hardware.
Flawlessly finished in triple chrome and black ceramic.

For proper turning we recommend an adjustable fuel controller if not going to dyno tune.



Victory Octane Shocks are some of the finest pieces of hardware that one can get their hands on for their bike. Inspired by a minimalist design, this equipment will leave no stone left unturned to steal the show. When it comes to choosing any gear for a bike, the most crucial aspect that one considers is its impact on the performance of the vehicle. Sure, aesthetics plays an important role, but not at the expense of performance. And you can look at the below Dyno Graphs to get a better understanding of why Victory Octane Shocks are so highly recommended among bike enthusiasts.

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